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Roll of Company I, 3rd Regiment Cavalry, Kentucky Volunteers, CSA (redesignated 7th KY CSA)

“Come tighten your girth and slacken your rein
Come buckle your blanket and holster again
Try the click of your trigger and balance your blade
For he must ride sure who goes riding a raid!” [i]

Upon his exchange, my 2nd great grandfather, James Edward Evans, hastily returned to the 3rd Kentucky Cavalry.

The 3rd skirmished in Tennessee and Kentucky and then joined with John Hunt Morgan to conduct a raid into Indiana and Ohio as part of the Second Brigade under the leadership of Colonel Adam Rankin Johnson and Lt. Col. J. M. Huffman.

Colonel Adam Rankin “Stovepipe” Johnson earned his nickname when he captured Newburgh, Indiana on July 18, 1862. With only twelve men and two joints of stovepipe mounted on the running gear of an abandoned wagon he took the town from a sizable Union garrison by treating to blow them up with his phony cannon.[ii]

Due to a Confederate naming SNAFU, Company I, 3rd Regiment Cavalry, Kentucky Volunteers, CSA, which had originally been part of the 1st, was redesignated as the 7th by the Federal government after the conclusion of the war.

“7th Cavalry Regiment was organized in September, 1862, using Gano's Texas Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. The unit skirmished in Tennessee and Kentucky, then fought with J.H. Morgan, Most of its men were captured at Buffington Island on July 19, and the rest at New Lisbon on July 26, 1863. The regiment was not reorganized. Colonel Richard M. Gano, Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Huffman, and Major Theophilous Steele were in command.”[iii]

The following are the names of the men in the Company with whom my 2nd great grandfather, James Edward Evans, rode on the Great Raid.


M. D. Logan, Captain
R. H. Cowan, 1st Lieutenant
J. F. Gentry, 2nd Lieutenant
H. D. Brown, 2nd Lieutenant
J. H. Gentry,, 2nd Lieutenant
J. H. Arnold, 1st Sergeant
John H. Prewitt, 2nd Sergeant
S. G. Engleman, 4th Sergeant
S. A. Moore, 5th Sergeant
R. A. McGrath, 1st Corporal
A. J. Thurman, 2nd Corporal
Henry Goodloe, 3rd Corporal
James H. Brown, 4th Corporal
Anderson, H. M., Private
Barker, John, Private
Brazley, John A., Private
Bigby, Charles A., Private
Brown, Joseph H., Private
Brown, Edward, Private
Byers, John S., Private
Baxter, E. B., Private
Baxter, W. A., Private
Baxter, J. H., Private
Chandler, J. T., Private
Cowan, J. C., Private
Cox, Archibald, Private
Curd, J. C., Private
Dickerson, T. W., Private
Denton, R. R., Private
Dickinson, W., Private
Evans, James, Private
Engleman, S. M., Private
Gray, H. T., Private
Gatlin, Albert, Private
Gray, John, Private
Harman, R. H., Private
Harris, S. T., Private
Harman, T. J., Private
Higgenbotham, J. E., Private (spelling as it appears on list)
Higginbotham, J. M., Private
Higginbotham, John, Private
Isham, W. B., Private
Jennings, C. B., Private
Jones, H. L. Private
Jones, Harvey, Private
King, O. N., Private
McMerdie, A. J., Private
McMerdie, Frank, Private
McKenzie, W., Private
McMurray, James, Private
McAffee, H. M., Private
Middleton, W., Private
Mitchell, S. D., Private
Messick, E. S., Private
Moore, James R., Private
Moore, John B., Private
Myers, Isaac M., Private
O’Bannon, S., Private
Overton, W., Private
Pipe, E. H., Private
Pipe, B., Private
Pipe, O. B., Private
Pipe, S. M., Private
Praigg, John G., Private
Rogers, Frank, Private
Rochester, John M., Private
Swope, F. F., Private
Thomas, J. M., Private
Vaughan, W. C., Private
Wingate, J. M., Private
White, Parker, Private”


[i] Unknown. “ Riding A Raid” 1861.
[ii] Warner, Erza J. “Generals in Gray: Lives of the Confederate Commanders,” 1959, p. 156
[iii] NPS records
[iv] McDowell, “The Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky, Civil War, Confederate”, Vol. I pgs 710 -713

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